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2019 International Design Awards   |   Honorable Mention

Abode is the best connection system for all of your smart home technology. All smart tech items come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, which allows Abode access to the item to link it to the system. The system will allow you to add, manage, and direct all of the smart tech items in your home. The items connected to the app will be able to communicate with each other and provide the most personalized home experience possible. 


When you connect all of your devices, they will begin to learn your daily routines and adjust your smart tech items to better fit your habits and preferences. For example, if you normally start your day off with coffee, Abode could connect your morning alarm with your coffee maker so the coffee is hot and ready as soon as you wake up. 

Abode App
Abode Brochure

Building and interior photos come from Huf Haus, a German-based luxury prefabricated home manufacturer.

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