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The Savannah College of Art and Design has had long-standing issues with parking availability throughout the city. Students have an extremely difficult time availability parking in SCAD provided parking lots. As a result, students are late to class, waste time, money and efforts when scrambling to find parking in these designated areas. Due to the 15 minute rule in regards to attendance playing such a crucial role in passing a class, it is of the utmost importance to ensure students are able to quickly find parking in order to make it to class on time.


The SCAD BeeLot Parking Assistant was created as a group project with Grayson Kent, Alex Converse, Evelyn Fardelmann, Lee Johnson and Caitlyn Landauer. The goal of this project was to create a useful, informative application to help ease the stress and congestion of trying to find parking on campus at SCAD. The app aims to help guide decision making prior to driving to class, as well as to help find alternate locations to park if nothing is available in a specific lot.

BeeLot Video
BeeLot App


The BeeLot Parking Assistant acts as a tool to help optimize the parking experience for students. Within the app, students are able to link their SCAD accounts which will automatically populate their “saved locations” with the buildings their classes are at for the quarter. Students can add additional buildings to their favorites to quickly check the parking availability in those lots. Students can also scan through the map and quickly check the status of any SCAD building. 


Students whose cars are parked in a lot will have the ability to leave a note and include what time they plan on leaving. These notes are not a requirement as most people will more than likely be leaving at the end of their class, but it gives the early birds from the following class period a chance to plan ahead in case someone does note that they’re leaving early.


Prepping still might be enough given the high congestion of traffic in between classes. If a student arrives to a fully packed lot, BeeLot will offer suggestions of nearby parking spots, all with the same functionality of showing availability and student notes from the main SCAD lots. 

BeeLot Poster

The BeeLot project was created in collaboration with Grayson Kent, Caitlyn Landauer, Evelyn Fardelmann, Lee Johnson and Alex Converse. Research and ideation included all members, as well as the overall conception of the logo, which is a slight variation of the current SCAD Logo. The final presentation slides were designed by Alex and Evelyn, along with illustrations and revisions from Lee. The final poster was created collaboratively with Lee, Caitlyn any myself. The promotional video was filmed and edited by Grayson. The app screens were created by both myself, and Caitlyn, and the final tap through video was recorded by me.

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