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*Original track by DJ Kool Herc

Hercules is a smoke lounge that provides a relaxing location where customers can consume cannabis products publicly. Customers will have a selection of different strains of marijuana. They can choose to take the product to go or have it prepared in a variety of methods such as a joint, blunt, pipe, bowl, as well as other methods. It's thematically based on hip hop and rap culture, deriving its name from the artist credited with starting hip hop. DJ Kool Herc is a New York local who made his name throwing parties at a housing complex on Sedgwick.

This packaging project is for a marijuana edible chocolate bar shaped like an LP. These could be served at the tables in the lounge or sold in other dispensaries in the surrounding area. They could also be sent as gifts to music celebrities to grow awareness and interest in the brand.

Herc App
Herc Spotify

*This is a student project and was not in collaboration with Spotify

Hercules would collaborate with Spotify and use their servers to create playlists for in the lounge. Hercules would have various playlists that Spotify users could follow and stream outside the lounge. They could also tune into the station to listen to the DJ live or to hear various live events and performances. 

Herc Packaging
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