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*This is a student project and was not in collaboration with Tech Deck

Tech Deck is teaming up with street artists around the globe to create an exclusive line of limited edition decks, the Artists Series. Each package will come with a triptych of decks which form one image when stacked together on the stand. The package also doubles as a display case, as well as an organizer for the extra wheels, screws, tools, and other small pieces that come with the boards. The stand also has magnetic sides and back, making it easy to stack multiple sets from the series together as they are collected.

This project is sponsored by the street and graffiti magazine, Burner Mag, and currently features artists such as Cope2, David Brunning, Jean-Michel Basquiat. More artists will be added with each new edition of the Artist's Series.  

*This project features original work from artists Cope2, David Brunning, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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