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Burner Magazine is also a subsidiary of Hercules, which works to promote hip hop, street, and graffiti culture. Burner Mag is an editorial publication company designed to bring new artists into the fray and to give experienced writers a glimpse into the global graffiti scene. Even as the scope of graffiti and street art expands into the general public eye, it can still be difficult to learn about these forms of expression. The magazine aims to spread the knowledge and insights from the legends of the game. Whether you’re a graffiti and street art enthusiast, or you’re just looking for inspiration to improve or create new letters, you can find something of interest here.

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This project contains material I am not the original creator of. This includes “Interview with Ces” written by Tess Adamako, “Graffiti vs Street Art” written by Jill C. Weisberg, as well as works by artists COPE2, Ces4Wish, SpaceInvader, and Shepard Fairey.

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