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Duracell Final V2.png

*This is a student project and was not in collaboration with Duracell


Duracell’s current packaging, while quite functional in terms of being displayed in store, I found to be lacking in usability once the package has been opened. Batteries usually last for quite a while, so the package from the store ends up becoming a pseudo case once it's opened. The package is very inelegant in this regard, and storing the extra batteries becomes a cumbersome hassle. The packages don't seem to be designed with reusability in mind, so I decided to try to find a more convenient way to store the additional batteries to make the process of getting new batteries a little more interesting. 


For the new package design, I knew I needed to make sure it was a simple design with little to no bells and whistles to keep the hypothetical expenses as low as possible.  I based the design on a vending machine as the batteries reminded me of little soda cans. This concept would allow for the package to be refilled with new batteries when it is emptied, or it could be filled with other small items such as tootsie rolls, double bubble gum, paper clips, or rubber bands. The vending machine also allows consumers to see inside the package to keep track of how many batteries they have left, or to see what items are inside if they decide to reuse it for other purposes.

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